About Your Online Guide

Hye AvatarYour Online Guide is a blog that covers topic about gadgets, technology, Internet, tools, resources, programming, and the blogosphere. As the name implies, Your Online Guide will absolutely serve as a guide for newbie onliners and bloggers.

What makes this blog unique compared to other technology and blogging blogs? Aside from it is authored by a blogger named Hye, this blog will be made simple and unique based on contents and style. Some of the topics may have been discussed or covered in other blogs, but I will make sure that you can find a hint of me on each of my article. Every Saturday, I've decided to review and feature blogs that catch my attention. So if you want me to review your blog, just leave a comment and I will visit your blog right after I receive your message. You can also send me an email thru the Contact Us button on the menu bar.

In case you are interested to know the author of this blog, then keep reading :D

My name is Hye... a proud 20-something Filipina blogger. To date, I started blogging about four months (October 2007 to be exact) ago. I heard several people claiming they make money online, so hoping I can make money like them too, I setup my first blog called Make Money Online For Free. It is a blog dedicated about my journey in making money online without spending any money from my pocket. In here, I share my experiences and findings on which program are scam and legitimate. I also share several tips on how I made money for a short period of time. In case you want to know my ideas in making money online, just visit my Make Money Online For Free blog.

After few days of setting up my Make Money Online For Free blog, I setup another blog called Space of Reality. It is a personal blog about my simple thoughts, opinions, realizations, inspirations, reviews, and observations about life and events. On December 2007, I created another blog called Text Messages. Actually it is not a blog as is because it only contains text messages, quotes, funny jokes, and photos.

It was just recently that I thought about creating another blog and I finally decided to make it a reality today. After thorough thinking, I came out with the idea of creating another blog called Your Online Guide because I was inspired by many bloggers asking me tips and reviews for their blogs. This blog will also mainly cover the latest news about topics that interest me - which definitely includes gadgets, technology, Internet, and blogosphere... and as part of the agenda of this blog, I will review and feature one blog once a week. Aside from reviewing the blog, I will also give out an award for the author. So watch out :D

... In blogging, you will not only make money... you will also learn and share vital information for everyone... Aside from knowledge, you also get the chance to meet and gain new friends from all over the world - which is the most important any blogger could experience :D
Hope you will like this new blog...