UAAP Season 71 Schedules July 4, 2008

UAAP Season 71 Schedules July 4, 2008The University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) 71st season is scheduled to open on Saturday, July 4 2008 at the Araneta Coliseum. The theme for this season will be “Leadership through Sports” and it will hosted by the University of the Philippines (UP).

Elimination Round Schedules

July 5 – Araneta Coliseum
1:00 PM - Opening Ceremonies by the University of the Philippines
2:00 PM - AdU vs FEU
4:00 PM - UE vs UST

July 6 – Araneta Coliseum
2:00 PM - UP vs NU
4:00 PM - DLSU vs ADMU

July 10 – Philsports Arena (ULTRA)
2:00 PM - NU vs UE
4:00 PM - ADMU vs AdU

July 12 – Philsports Arena (ULTRA)
2:00 PM - UP vs UST
4:00 PM - DLSU vs FEU

July 13 – Philsports Arena (ULTRA)
2:00 PM - AdU vs NU
4:00 PM - UE vs ADMU

July 17 – Philsports Arena (ULTRA)
2:00 PM - FEU vs UP
4:00 PM - UST vs DLSU

July 19 – Philsports Arena (ULTRA)
2:00 PM - UP vs ADMU
4:00 PM - DLSU vs NU

July 20 – Philsports Arena (ULTRA)
2:00 PM - AdU vs UE
4:00 PM - FEU vs UST

July 24 – Philsports Arena (ULTRA)
2:00 PM - DLSU vs ADU
4:00 PM - UE vs UP

July 26 – Philsports Arena (ULTRA)
2:00 PM - UP vs DLSU
4:00 PM - UE vs FEU

July 27 – Philsports Arena (ULTRA)
2:00 PM - ADU vs UST
4:00 PM - ADMU vs NU

July 31 – Philsports Arena (ULTRA)
2:00 PM - UST vs NU
4:00 PM - FEU vs ADMU

August 2 – Araneta Coliseum
2:00 PM - AdU vs UP
4:00 PM - DLSU vs UE

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WWE Night of Champions Results 2008

Night of Champions Results WinnersIf you watch Night of Champions free online or via Pay-per-view (PPV), then I am sure you already know the WWE Night of Champions results and winners. If you haven't yet, then continue reading. I will update this post once videos are already available in Youtube ;0

WWE Tag Team Champions Match
The Miz & John Morrison Vs Finlay and Hornswoggle
Winner: The Miz & John Morrison

United States Championship Match
Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero.
Winner: Matt Hardy

ECW Championship Match
Kane vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry
Winner and new ECW Champion: Mark Henry

WWE World Tag Team Championship Match
Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly vs. Ted DiBiase & Mystery Partner
Winners and new WWE World Tag Team Champions: Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston
Winner and new Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston

WWE Women's Championship Match
Mickie James vs. Katie Lea Burchill
Winner and still WWE Women's Champion: Mickie James

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge vs Batista
Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

WWE Championship Match
Triple H vs. John Cena
Winner and still WWE Champion: Triple H

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Pacquiao Vs Diaz Winner (Results, Videos, Updates)

Pacquiao Vs Diaz Winner, Results, Videos, UpdatesIf you watched the Manny Pacquiao Vs David Diaz boxing fight live via Pay-per-view (PPV) or Sopcast, I am sure you already know who wins the June 28 match. Pacquaio is the winner!!! He is now the new WBC lightweight four weight division champion. Another Philippine pride ;0

Pacquiao- Diaz round-by-round: As usual, Manny humbly said a prayer while the Philippine anthem was sung. After the fighters were introduced, they begun the match. The fight was ended during the ninth round as Diaz pitches forward and lands face first on the canvass. Referee Drakulich stops the fight and Manny Pacquiao was declared the winner!!!

I will update this post later today for some video clips of the Pacquiao Vs Diaz once available. For now, let's congratulate Pacman!!!

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AJ Morgan Sunglasses

AJ Morgan SunglassesAJ Morgan, who is he?, you might ask. Good question. I made a personal search and I was delighted knowing it is a brand of designer reading glasses and sunglasses for men and women. Some of their products include:
- AJ morgan designer sunglasses and designer reading glasses;
- AJ Morgan fashion optical reading glasses and eyewear;
- AJ morgan kids sunglasses, magnifiers, readers, rhinestone sunglasses;
- AJ morgan eyewear, eye glasses, sunglass readers, and more.

Wow!!! Their products are so cool and fabolous. What I like most about their site is that it is simple yet very easy to navigate. As for the the design on glasses - unique and stylish.

Below are are some of the sunglasses designs I love most.
aj morgan prague sunglassesaj morgan reading glasses
***You can find more styles at their official website at

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Naruto Games, Naruto Episodes, Naruto Theme, and Naruto Pics

Naruto Games, Naruto Wallpaper, Naruto Episodes, Naruto Theme, and Naruto PicsNaruto is one of my favorite manga series, next to Ghost Fighter. If you haven't watched his series yet, then I have to say that you are missing half of your life. Just kidding ;0 But honestly, watching Naruto episodes are worth the time, aside from the Naruto characters are funny, the story is also cool.

There are a lot of naruto videos spreading the Internet. I think there are some naruto series already uploaded in Youtube so I am sure you can watch free naruto episodes online in English.

Here are some basics on Naruto character biographies and profiles:

Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Porn naruto shippuden naruto ultimate ninja 3Naruto Uzumaki is the primary protagonist of the series. Naruto is a ninja affiliated with the village of Konohagakure, and has ambitions of becoming Hokage, or the leader of the village. Due to being the host for the nine-tailed demon fox, a malevolent creature that attacked Konohagakure, he is ostracized by the other villagers. He compensates for this with his cheerful and boisterous personality, and over the course of the series, manages to befriend several other Konohagakure ninja, as well as ninja from other villages.

naruto wallpapers naruto online games naruto backgrounds naruto gallerySasuke Uchiha is one of the members of Team 7. He was created by Kishimoto to be a rival to Naruto, as well as a "cool genius," which Kishimoto believed was an integral part of an ideal rivalry. He is one of the few remaining members of the Uchiha clan, his brother, Itachi Uchiha, having killed the rest of their family. Due to this, Sasuke's sole desire is to kill his brother, and he develops a cold and withdrawn personality.

naruto wallpapers naruto online games naruto backgrounds naruto gallerySakura Haruno is the sole female member of Team 7. As a child, Sakura was taunted by other children for her particularly large forehead, a feature Kishimoto has tried to emphasize in Sakura's appearances,[17] but was comforted by Ino Yamanaka. As the two continued to grow, however, they became increasingly distant due to their shared affection for Sasuke Uchiha.

naruto wallpapers naruto online games naruto backgrounds naruto galleryKakashi Hatake is the leader of Team 7 and the sensei of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. Kakashi treats his leadership position with a detached manner, and is consistently late to meetings as a result. Although he mentors all three members of Team 7 early in the series, he particularly concentrates on training Sasuke as the series continues, teaching him his Chidori technique; however, he is unable to prevent Sasuke from leaving the village to seek Orochimaru for greater power.

Naruto theme song (MP3 Soundtrack)
All of the music for the Naruto soundtrack was composed and arranged by Toshio Masuda. The first of them Naruto Original Soundtrack, was released in April 3, 2003 and contained twenty-two tracks that appeared during the first season of the anime. The second of them Naruto Original Soundtrack II was released in March 18, 2004 and contained nineteen tracks. The third, Naruto Original Soundtrack III was released in April 27, 2005 and contained twenty-three tracks.

Naruto games Naruto online gamesNaruto Video Games
Naruto video games have appeared on various consoles from Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and Bandai. The very first Naruto video game was Naruto: Konoha Ninpouchou, which was released in Japan on March 27, 2003, for the WonderSwan Color. Most Naruto video games have been released only in Japan. It wasn't until March 7, 2006, when the first game of the Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen series and Naruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshu series were released in North America under the titles of Naruto: Clash of Ninja and Naruto: Ninja Council that any Naruto games were officially available outside of Japan.

Credits to

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Hottest Electronic Gadgets for 2008

Hottest Electronic Gadgets for 2008Wanna know the latest gadgets released this year? Here are the list of ten cool gadgets for all ages and genders, especially teenagers who wanted to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in technology. Happy shopping ;0 I am hoping I can buy at least five among them.

1. iPhone 3G. Who doesn't want a new phone? Apple iPhone 3G will be available in the Philippines via Globe Telecoms starting August this year. Wanna know the price? iPhone 3G 2.0 with 8GB will cost $199 and $299 for the 16GB model - the price includes a 2-year contract with Globe. I am now saving money for this ;0

2. Philips GoGear SA6100 MP3 Player. It makes use of flash memory in capacities of 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB; the extra width is a result of built-in 0.3W stereo speakers. The SA6100 still holds on to the 320 x 240 pixels and 65k color LCD. Format support is very plain (MP3, WMA (DRM), JPG, and WMV) and battery lasts for 20 hours of audio playback and 4 hours of video. Cool, right?

3. ASUS Eee PC 900 Laptop. It is an update to ASUS’ low-cost Eee PC laptop line. It features a larger 8.9-inch screen with 1024x600 resolution, more storage (12GB to 20GB), more memory (1GB), a multi-touch touchpad (Finger Glide) and an improved webcam (1.3M pixels).

4. Flip Video Camera. There’s this nice gadget called Flip that’s making Europeans and Americans crazy. I am hoping I can have one of this too. Kinda cool ;0

5. SLR Camera. This gadget is just right for those who loves photography. I think Sony released an new digital camera called Sony Alpha DSLR-A350. The specifications are great.

6. Portable Playstation. Even if there’s Wii, PSPs still rules.

7. Wii. The games are good as an alternative to exercise gadgets. You can play virtual tennis, boxing, and other games with this gadget. Cool!!!

8. Wireless Landline Phone. Even though you already have a cellphone, having a wireless landline phone is not bad as it is cheaper - and portable too.

9. Smart Bro Prepaid. Ever heard about Smart Bro Prepaid? If you are a person who is always on the go, then this service is just right for you.

10. TV Flat Screen Monitors. If you have a desktop at home, consider buying a new LCD screen monitor. Go for an LCD monitor that picks up TV signals and that you can use as your PC monitor at the same time.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 RemakeFinal Fantasy VII Remake: For many years now, it had been rumored that Final Fantasy 7 will have a remake but until now, there has been no update yet. Is it true? Has it been confirmed yet? Will it be an exact remake or a whole new side to the stories we may have missed.

Last year, in an interview held with Crisis Core Director, Hajime Tabata, it seems Square Enix isn’t ready to part with Final Fantasy VII yet.

Tabata confirmed that more Final Fantasy VII goodness is in production, reopening the door to speculation about the supposed Final Fantasy 7 remake that Square has been hush-hush about.

A remake of FFVII is a question of timing, Imaizumi said, noting that Kitase, Nomura and Tabata are all busy with the Final Fantasy XIII series. He added that a new game of some form will be announced at the Tokyo Game Show.

Imaizumi closed off by confirming once again that there are currently no plans for a FFVII remake. However, he noted that this could change rather quick, alluding to Kitase's comment about how the decision to make Crisis Core took only two days.

Oh no, I can't wait for the updates ;( Hopefully, the remake will be available soon, ifever!!!

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Boston Celtics Wins 2008 NBA Finals

2008 NBA Finals Winner Is Boston CelticsThe Boston Celtics won the 2008 NBA Finals held on Tuesday, June 17. Maintaining a lead over 25 points (131-92 blowout) over the Los Angeles Lakers, the Boston Celtics claimed their 17th NBA championship which was the first in 22 years, extending their record for most NBA championships won by a single team.

The Celtics' Big Three - composed of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen - performed phenomenally, while the whole team smothered the Lakers offense with their tight defense, which included 18 steals. Garnett and Allen scoring 26 points apiece and Pierce with 17 points and 10 assists. Paul Pierce was named the championship series’ most valuable player (MVP).

Boston Celtics dominated in numerous statistical categories, including rebounds (48–29, with a 14–2 disparity in offensive boards), turnovers (7–19), steals (18–4), assists (33–16) and blocks (4–0).

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NCAA Season 84 Schedules on June 28

NCAA Season 84 Schedules on June 28The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) 84th season is set to open on June 28 with the theme “To The Fore at 84: Building Bridges Through Sports". Four games will usher the opening of this season at the Araneta Coliseum:

Mapua versus San Beda - 2:00 PM
Jose Rizal versus Letran - 4:00 PM
Perpetual Help versus San Sebastian - 6:00 PM
PCU versus St. Benilde - 8:00 PM

Who will win this time? I am excited and hopefully me and my friends will be able to watch the matches live. I will give my bet to Mapua and I am just following my instincts, hehehe.

Go go go for the gold!!!

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US Open 2008 Winner Is Tiger Woods (Results +Youtube Videos)

US Open 2008 Results and WinnerTiger Woods wins the US Open Golf Tournament 2008 held at Torrey Pines, San Diego, California on Sunday, June 15, 2008. He was announces the winner after forcing an epic playoff battle against 45 year old Rocky Mediate.

Here’s the summary of the golf game between Rocky Mediate and Tiger Woods from Yahoo Sports written by Simon Lewis.

The drama reached epic proportions as they entered the closing four holes level at 1-over.

Over 72 holes, Woods had a three-shot advantage over Mediate on those closing holes, scoring 3-under over four rounds to the veteran’s 2-over.

On the 15th, though, the tables were turned as fortunes swung to and from between tee and green. First, Woods found sand on the right off the tee while Mediate landed on the fairway after kicking out of the rough. Woods saw his opponent loft his second shot to 18 feet from the flag and then promptly rolled his bunker shot inside Mediate’s ball.

The 45-year-old hit back again by holing out his birdie putt, only for Woods to miss the shorter effort, leaving Mediate with a one-shot lead at even.

There was more drama as the duel continued at the par-3 16th, with Mediate’s tee shot falling just short of the green and Woods sending his to its back with the pin centrally located. Both facing monster putts, Mediate rolled his 50-footer to within two feet while Woods left his mere inches from the cup as both settled for pars.

At 17, Woods found the fairway while Mediate caught the intermediate rough. The two-time champion appeared to be in a quandary over club selection for his second shot, before his caddie Steve Williams persuaded him to switch from a 7-iron to an eight.

Woods’ faith in Williams was justified as he sent the ball to within 20 feet. Mediate, meanwhile, left himself another long putt from the front of the green for his third shot and sent it to within eight feet before Woods two-putted for par.

That left Mediate putting for par, which he duly completed to take a one-shot lead to the par-5 18th.

Mediate had held a similar lead approaching the 72nd hole on Sunday only for Woods to birdie and force the playoff.

Driving first, Mediate pulled left into a bunker while Woods’ tee shot left him grimacing in pain from his left knee but managing to keep his ball in the fairway.

Both second shots cleared the lake guarding the green, Woods left with the longer eagle putt. He sent his 50-footer to three feet, leaving Mediate from 20 feet to putt for the championship. He missed left, and Woods holed to leave Mediate with a short putt to force this remarkable playoff into sudden death for only the third time since its introduction in 1954. Again he failed to convert and the golfers returned to the seventh hole for sudden death.

Mediate was immediately in trouble, following Woods’ tee shot onto the fairway by finding the left fairway bunker on the dogleg right. His rescue shot went left again, into a mandatory drop zone just in front of a spectator stand.

As Woods waited by the green to putt, Mediate’s chip rolled past the flag, leaving Woods to go first from the front of the green, putting for the championship. Woods’ effort was close to finishing the job and he dropped to his knees as his ball stayed above the hole, placing all the pressure on Mediate to rescue his title hopes from 18 feet.

He missed and Woods claimed the title.
Here are some videos of the US Open Golf Tournament 2008:

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Marriage Requirements in Philippines

Marriage Requirements in PhilippinesWhew!!! Time slips so fast. I can't believe it is already the month of June. Aside from it is the opening of classes, it is also the month of wedding bells, cakes, and bridal entourages. I am just wondering why brides usually wanted to be a June bride. There might be something special in it.

Anyway, if you are from the Philippines and you are planning to get married, you have to take note the following marriage requirement for a Philippine Catholic wedding:

1. Marriage License - This should have four months validity. For other couples who had civil wedding prior to church wedding, you just need t o submit the Marriage Contract.
2. Baptismal Certificate - Each should submit baptismal certificate with annotation “for marriage purposes”.
3. Confirmation Certificate - Same thing with baptismal certificate, this also requires an annotation of “for marriage purposes” and should be valid in six months.
- Publication of Wedding Banns for three consecutive Sundays in the parish of the bride & groom, also permission from the parish of the bride
- Catholic Seminar
- Canonical Interview
- List of Principal Sponsors

To secure a Marriage License in the Philippines, below are the requirements you need to submit:

1. NSO Birth Certificates
2. CENOMAR - Certificate of No Marriage form from NSO office.
3. Parental Consent for couples aged 18 to 21 or Parental Advice for those 22-25 years old.
4. Passport sized Pictures
5. Residence Certificate
6. Seminar - Conducted by the Division of Maternal & Child Health at the Municipal/City Hall
7. Application Form

Congratulations and Good Luck!!!

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Renaldo Lapuz at Pro Baseball Game in Texas (Video)

Renaldo Lapuz at Pro Baseball Game in Texas Youtube Video ClipRenaldo Lapuz sings US National Anthem at Pro Baseball Game in Texas!!! If you are not familiar of him, he is a Filipino based in Texas who auditioned in American Idol Season 7 singing his own self-composed song "I Am Your Brother".

He also sung his piece during the American Idol Season 7 Finals. Sometimes, Renaldo's name is also mistaken to Reynaldo Lapuz. Nonetheless, I think he is another pride for the Filipinos worldwide.

You can watch the Youtuve video of Renaldo Lapuz singing the US National Anthem at Pro Baseball Game in Texas.

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Belmont Stakes 2008 Results Video - Da’ Tara Wins!

Belmont Stakes 2008 Winner is Da’ TaraDa' Tara is the winner of the 2008 Belmont Stakes in New York on Saturday, June 7, 2008. Da'Tara led the race wire to wire 38-1 odds, making the win a monumental upset.

This might be a sad news to the big fans of Big Brown, who was expected to win after winning the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. Unfortunately, the horse finished in last place - a first for any Triple Crown hopeful!

As claimed, this may be because of Big Brown's trainer's decision to quit giving the horse steroids.

You can watch the Youtube video clip of the Belmont Stakes 2008 below:

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How to be a Singing Bee Studio Contestant?

How to be a Singing Bee Studio ContestantThe Singing Bee is a karaoke singing with a spelling bee-style competition aired in ABS-CBN and hosted by Cesar Montano on Primetime Bida.

If you want to be a studio contestant on ABS-CBN’s The Singing Bee, just text:


Send to 2366 for Globe, TM and SUN Cellular subscribers. Send to 231 for Smart, Talk N’ Text and Addict Mobile subscribers.

Example: JOIN BEE Juan dela Cruz/35/M/98 Mabuhay St. Makati City

Note that you will be credited 2.50 pesos per text to Globe and Smart while 2.00 pesos per text to Sun Cellular.

How To Play The Singing Bee?
The show features contestants trying to remember the lyrics to popular songs. In each episode, six contestants will be selected from the audience to play a series of games that test their knowledge of song lyrics. If a contestant makes an error, he or she will forfeit her chance to get into the "musical chairs". If a contestant is not in a musical chair when the round is over, he or she is eliminated.

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Can Frequent Cell Phone Use Cause Brain Tumor?

Can Frequent Cell Phone Use Cause Brain Tumor?Did it ever occur your mind that frequent use of your cell phone can cause brain tumor? Are you aware? Or should I say, you are aware yet you just don't care?

Several concerns and questions were raised as to whether the use of cell phone is safe, whether the frequent use of cell phones (held against the ear ) lead to brain tumors, and others. Is the issue a media panic-du-jour or a real serious concern?

Let's check out below if there is actually an effect to our health in using a cellphone:

According to experts, landline cordless phones and cell phones use a low level form of microwave radiation to send and receive their signals. When microwaves penetrates tissue, extreme heat is formed, as in the case of microwave oven heating or cooking. So, is the microwave radiation from cell phone use (pressed against our ear and face) harming our brain, and increasing our risk of developing brain tumors?

The Swedish National Institute for Working Life disputed in April 2006 the findings of two earlier reports that cell phones were safe and had no effect on brain tumor rate. The Swedish group found “that people with more than 2,000 hours of total talk time had 3.7 times the risk of developing brain cancer when compared with nonusers. (2,000 hours is about an hour of talk time every Monday through Friday for 10 years). The study also found a 2 times increase for tumors specifically on the side of the head where the cell phone was generally used.”

The mobile phone antenna is the main source of radiofrequency (RF). Experts believe that no matter how near the cell phone is (even smack against the face), the six-tenth of a watt (typically) of RF power emitted is too low and could not be harmful to health. They also say the “type of energy emitted is non-ionizing, meaning it doesn’t cause damage to chemical bonds or DNA”. They added that the “RF energy from a cell phone falls off quickly as distance increases between the user and the antenna…” and that “hundreds of millions of people have been using cell phones and cordless phones for years…..If there were a problem, we would have seen it by now”.

A scientific fact: Some individuals using cell phones developed brain cancer, and people who have not used mobile phones at all have been victims of brain cancer, too. The annual incidence of brain cancer in the U.S.A. is about six new cases per 100,000 people, so among the millions of Americans who own mobile phones about 6,000 plus cases of brain cancer would be expected per year, even if they had not used mobile phones at all.

The Environmental Health and Safety Office “has seen no credible evidence to date that cell phones cause cancer or brain tumors. It is illogical to believe that evidence of unusual brain tumors is covered up when there are hundred’s of millions of people using cell phones worldwide.”

Since the results of the hundreds of researches simultaneously ongoing around the world on this particular issue are still on pending status, it is recommended that we, mobile phone users, should exercise caution. Whenever possible, use landline phones and limit using mobile phones. During voice calls, use hands-free headset or speakerphone to avoid cell phone contact with our face.

If possible use text messaging instead of voice calls. Aside from it is safer, it is also cheaper ;0

Source: Philippinenews

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Why Superheroes Wear Masks?

Why Superheroes Wear Masks?I was kinda bored earlier today (I still do right now, though) and I can't think of an interesting topic to post here so I just visited some of my favorite blogs and left comments. While I was blog hoping, out of nowhere, I thought of Spiderman and a weird topic about him asking myself "Why did he wear a mask?"

I thought sharing my opinion and asking others' opinions on why Superheroes wear masks is an interesting and weird topic... so here are some questions running in my mind right now ;0

Did you ever wonder why Spiderman, Batman, Zorro and other superheroes wear masks? Why do they have to wear one when their main goal is to help the needy and save the world? Aren't they proud to be called heroes? Do they lack enough self-esteem?

In my opinion, the main reason why they do wear mask is very obvious --- because they do not want their real identities revealed. They want to keep it secret... because by doing that, they can be heroes freely. In reality, some of the famous celebrities are also using aliases. Bloggers do it too, so with famous writers and other entities.

Maybe people have to wear masks to hid something - either their face or their identity. What do you think? Will it also be the same with blogging? Do you have to wear a mask or an alias? Just a thought :0

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