Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 RemakeFinal Fantasy VII Remake: For many years now, it had been rumored that Final Fantasy 7 will have a remake but until now, there has been no update yet. Is it true? Has it been confirmed yet? Will it be an exact remake or a whole new side to the stories we may have missed.

Last year, in an interview held with Crisis Core Director, Hajime Tabata, it seems Square Enix isn’t ready to part with Final Fantasy VII yet.

Tabata confirmed that more Final Fantasy VII goodness is in production, reopening the door to speculation about the supposed Final Fantasy 7 remake that Square has been hush-hush about.

A remake of FFVII is a question of timing, Imaizumi said, noting that Kitase, Nomura and Tabata are all busy with the Final Fantasy XIII series. He added that a new game of some form will be announced at the Tokyo Game Show.

Imaizumi closed off by confirming once again that there are currently no plans for a FFVII remake. However, he noted that this could change rather quick, alluding to Kitase's comment about how the decision to make Crisis Core took only two days.

Oh no, I can't wait for the updates ;( Hopefully, the remake will be available soon, ifever!!!