Why Superheroes Wear Masks?

Why Superheroes Wear Masks?I was kinda bored earlier today (I still do right now, though) and I can't think of an interesting topic to post here so I just visited some of my favorite blogs and left comments. While I was blog hoping, out of nowhere, I thought of Spiderman and a weird topic about him asking myself "Why did he wear a mask?"

I thought sharing my opinion and asking others' opinions on why Superheroes wear masks is an interesting and weird topic... so here are some questions running in my mind right now ;0

Did you ever wonder why Spiderman, Batman, Zorro and other superheroes wear masks? Why do they have to wear one when their main goal is to help the needy and save the world? Aren't they proud to be called heroes? Do they lack enough self-esteem?

In my opinion, the main reason why they do wear mask is very obvious --- because they do not want their real identities revealed. They want to keep it secret... because by doing that, they can be heroes freely. In reality, some of the famous celebrities are also using aliases. Bloggers do it too, so with famous writers and other entities.

Maybe people have to wear masks to hid something - either their face or their identity. What do you think? Will it also be the same with blogging? Do you have to wear a mask or an alias? Just a thought :0