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As mentioned on my About page, I will be reviewing blogs of different genres every Saturday. So in case you want me to evaluate your blog, just leave a comment or send an email informing me that you want my honest opinion about your blog. After receiving your message, I will review your blog immediately then post my review on the next Saturday, depending on queue and my time schedule. As usual, the review is a first-come-first-serve basis. This means, the first blogger who will leave his message will obviously get my opinion first. In case, no one will leave a comment (I hope it won't happen), I will randomly choose a blog and review it on my own ;(

So what will you get when I review your blog? First, you will get an instant link with my blog and this will probably increase your Technorati rank. Second, you can possibly gain traffic, as the readers of this blog who happen to read my review may visit your blog. Who knows, they can be your loyal readers as well. Third reason is that you can have my honest opinion about your blog, which, in any means, can help you improve your blog's content, design, readability, template, and so on. I assure you, I will remain honest, frank, and sincere ;D

Blog ReviewsSo if you want my thoughts about your blog, just leave your comment and wait for my message informing you that your blog has been featured. This is absolutely for free, so you have nothing to waste.

So what should I expect after reviewing your blog? I don't expect anything in return... but if you are kind enough to link back with me by placing my blog in your Blog Roll or Blogs of Note, then it is greatly appreciated. However this is optional. It is up to you if you want to add my blog or not... but I am hoping you will ;D I would really appreciate it if you place this blog in your Blogs of Note list, or review my blog as well.