Beware of Spam Emails, These Are Thieves

Anti SpamWho doesn't hate spam emails? Isn't it irritating when you receive an email from someone you don't personally know? What if you receive an email titled "You have one message from your secret admirer"... Duh?!? Who cares... How could an admirer know my email address? I haven't posted it somewhere. You're nothing but spam!!!

Most spam emails are nothing but phishing emails, so you have to watch out for it. Phishing emails will steal your personal information. Had you received an email titled "Paypal Alert: Update Your Personal Information Now"? If not yet, then you are lucky. But if time comes you will receive it, ignore this message. It is nothing but a phishing email. It will steal your Paypal's personal identification. Worst, your money. If you really need to update your Paypal information, you will have to do it in Paypal's website. Usually Paypal does not send emails like that... so just ignore it.

Another example of spam email is titled "Congratulations... you won a new laptop! Claim it now"... How can I win a new laptop if I never joined any contest? Again, duh!!!

I really hate spam emails... do you? Here are some tips on how to deal with spam emails.