Googol and Googel Instead of Google

What is a Googol? How about Googel? Ever heard of this words? Not yet? Googol and Googel are another commonly misspelled words by some people using the Internet, just like how some misspelled Yutube and vedio. I don't know if these words are only typographical errors... or maybe some people are not aware about the correct spelling of Google. Some even thought Google was Gogle, gobble, googles, gogle, gogol while some mistyped Google as googlr, goolge, googal, boogle, bogel, googgle, ggogle, gogol, gobble, oogle, and goggel.

I did some Google search using the word Googol, I found out that a it is a name of measurement coined by Milton Sirotta. How big is a Googol? A Googol is 1 followed by one hundred zeroes. That's how large a Googol is. Maybe when people search about Googol, they actually mean the number Googol, not the search engine Google. How Googol became Google? I don't know. I am not really sure.

If people are actually looking for Googol, why are they searching Googol Earth? Just a thought. I am sure there is a term called Google Earth, but never heard about Googol Earth. Not yet, for sure.

With regard to the misspelled word Googel where some people misplace "E" and "L", I think it is a matter of misspelling and unawareness of the correct spelling because I think there are also some people looking for Googel video,, Googel maps, Googel map, Googel images, even Googel Adsense. Whatever the reason is, I think everyone commits mistakes. In case you are looking for the search engine, type in your browser.