Peter Answers Or Peter Answer

Ever heard about Peter Answers? Not yet? Oh oh, you've missed the half of your life. Just kidding. Peter Answers was known as the soul search engine before, but later changed to a virtual tarrot site. Many was amazed and at the same time tricked by this website. The first time I heard about Peter Answers was when an officemate asked me to type in in my browser. I thought it was another related site we can use in our work, but to my amaze, it was a very interesting website. I thought it was a magical and incredible web application that can read your mind. Wow. Peter can answer any question beyond my imagination.

I am still wondering how Peter Answers work. Many people attest that Peter Answers cannot actually answer your question if the one who introduced it to you don’t know the answer to your very own question. How is that? What ever the magic behind Peter Answers, I think the author of the website is a genius. Anyway, check the said website and see for yourself. Remember, it is Peter Answers, not Peter Answer. Peter Answer is obviously grammatically incorrect :D