KB951748 Microsoft Update (KB890830, KB951978, KB955020, KB950582)

KB951748 Microsoft Update Error MessageIf you are using ZoneAlarm and installed MS Windows update kb951748, kb890830, kb951978, kb955020, kb951698, or kb950582, possibly you lose your Internet connection. There is a possibility that the update made changes to the networking files that ZoneAlarm does not recognize.

To workaround this problem, you can do any of the following: (Do these steps at your own discretion)
- Set ZA Internet security settings to Medium.
- Uninstall KB951748 and leave the ZA Internet settings on High.
- Initialize the ZA database and let the ZA firewall reconfigure itself from scratch.
- Uninstall/reinstall ZoneAlarm.

*** This post will be updated once better fixes will be available.