Berto vs Forbes Result and Winner

Andre Berto vs Steve Forbes Result: Don't forget to watch Berto vs Forbes live on HBO on Saturday, September 27 at 10:30 PM ET. Stay tuned for the winner of Berto vs Forbes fight. Who will win and get the WBC Welterweight title? Will it be Berto or Forbes? It's time to pick your bet now.

Berto vs Forbes Predictions: Have you already predicted on who will be the winner of this boxing match? Before you take your bet, check out the fighter's boxing history and profiles first.

Andre Berto is 25 years old who remained undefeated throughout his boxing career since 2004. He last fought Miguel Angel Rodriguez on June 21 this year and won the WBC Welterweight tittle via TKO. Meanwhile, Steve Forbes is six years older than Berto, who lose his last fight with Oscar dela Hoya on May 3. In history, Forbes already had several loses, but this doesn't make him the weak link in this match. Well, let's just wait after the fight. Feel free to drop your predictions too here.

Berto vs Forbes result and winner will be posted here after the fight, so stay tuned. You can either check this post at a later time or just go to the homepage and look for the latest posts. Berto vs Forbes video highlights will be placed here too as soon as they are available.

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