Bisping vs Leben Result Winner | UFC 89 Results

UFC 89 Results: Michael Bisping vs Chris Leben

Who won the UFC 89 maincard? Will it be Michael Bisping or Chris Leben? We will all know that after the fight on Saturday. To help us predit on who might win, here's a basic info about the two fighters.

Chris Leben, 28, is known to be one of the most controversial and outspoken UFC fighters because of his tough-guy attitude. His overall MMA record: 18 win, 4 lose, 0 draw. His stength is his punching power and great chin.

Michael Bisping, 29, currently holds 16 wins, 1 loss record and the FX3 light-heavyweight champion. He is the former Cage Warriors Fighting Championship light heavyweight champion, and former Cage Rage light heavyweight champion.

My prediction? Judging from their profiles, Michael Bisping will win by knockout. Can't wait for the results of UFC 89: Bisping vs Leben.
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