NBA 2k9 Xbox 360 Availability, Price and Features

NBA 2k9 Xbox 360Another series of the popular basketball video game NBA 2K will be launched next week. The NBA 2K9 which release date is on October 7, 2008 can be played with Xbox 360, Playstation 2, and Playstation 3 (PS3) which cost between $54- $59.

NBA 2K9 Features: Aside from the fact that this game will feature Kevin Garnett on the cover, here are some of the interesting key features of this baskeball video game.

- Advanced Shot Stick
- Adaptive AI allowing you to read, react, and adjust in real time to your strategies
- The Association 2.0 allowing you to access all the latest rumors, trades, scores news stories, etc
- Player Personalities, Ambitions, and Player Roles
- Improved facial and skin textures, better uniforms, improved eye movement and more realistic crowd reactions.
- Introducing a new broadcast team joining Analyst Clark Kellogg, sideline reporter Cheryl Miller and commentator Kevin Harlan.

NBA 2K9 Gameplay Demo Video

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