Watch American Idol Season 8 Online Free Episodes Streaming

The Season 8 of American Idol premier 2009, January 13 Tuesday at 8:00 PM ET 10:00 PM PT. With the season premiere, I am sure a lot of Internet users are by far looking for ways on how to watch American Idol online for free. If you are from the United States, you can watch American Idol episodes live on your TV via Fox channel. But if you are not from US and you reside in UK, Asia, Europe, and Philippines on option is to watch American Idol online.

Watch American Idol Online FreeTo watch American Idol Season 8 online free, you should ensure your computer or laptop has fast Internet connection for best video streaming and higher playback quality. Here are some ways to watch American Idol online free via P2P links, streaming video links, and other streaming websites.

1. Watch American Idol Season 8 streaming videos by visiting FreemantleMedia official website as they air American Idol episodes online the day after they originally air. Each episodes are guaranteed free but better be ready with commercials, though.
2. Watch American Idol online by visiting AI's official site for streamed American Idol videos
and everyday featured videos online in the official site at
3. For more American Idol video streaming and replay, visit and search "American Idol videos" as surely, members there will upload video clips just minutes after the airing of AI episodes.
4. Download FOX movie player and watch American Idol episodes for free at

For now, there are the only options available on how to watch American Idol online for free. Stay tuned with page for more as I will try to update this post. I heard American Idol is also available in Sopcast, TVU, Justin TV, Buddy TV, TV Guide, OV Guilde, and RealityTVLinks but haven't verified yet. As soon as more links are available that will enable us to watch American Idol online episodes, we will give updates immediately.

Enjoy and have fun as you watch American Idol Season 8 online for free episodes