Top 10 NFL Greatest Postseason Quarterbacks

10. John Elway, Denver Broncos
Career postseason record: 14-8
Career postseason statistics: 355-651, 4964 yards, 27 TD, 21 INT; 79.7 passer rating

John Elway is the only quarterback in NFL history to lead his team to five Super Bowls. After beatdowns in each of his first three Super Bowls, Elway led the Broncos to back-to-back Super Bowl titles in his final two seasons.

9. Otto Graham, Cleveland Browns
Career postseason record: 9-3
Career postseason statistics: 159-300, 2101 yards, 14 TD, 17 INT; 67.4 passer rating

Otto Graham is the only quarterback to play in the postseason in every season of his career. Not only did he play in every postseason, but he appeared in a record ten championship games, four straight in the AAFC and the final six in the NFL.

8. Troy Aikman, Dallas Cowboys
Career postseason record: 11-5
Career postseason statistics: 320-502, 3849 yards, 23 TD, 17 INT; 88.3 passer rating

Aikman is another quarterback who probably wouldn't be in the Hall of Fame if it weren't for the postseason. It was in January when Aikman truly shined.

7. Kurt Warner, St. Louis Rams & Arizona Cardinals
Career postseason record: 8-3
Career postseason statistics: 261-403, 3368 yards, 26 TD, 13 INT; 98.9 passer rating

Besides being one of the best, Kurt Warner is also one of the most exciting postseason quarterbacks in NFL history. Warner led the St. Louis Rams to a Super Bowl title in 1999.

6. Roger Staubach, Dallas Cowboys
Career postseason record: 12-6
Career postseason statistics: 223-410, 2791 yards, 24 TD, 19 INT; 76.0 passer rating

Staubach was nicknamed "Captain America" for a reason. He helped the Cowboys become "America's Team" during the 1970's. Staubach played in four Super Bowls during the decade. He led the Cowboys to blowout victories in two of them, winning the MVP trophy in 1971 against the Dolphins. He posted a 102.6 passer rating in a 27-10 victory over the Broncos in 1977.

5) Sid Luckman, Chicago Bears
Career postseason record: 5-1
Career postseason statistics: 45-85, 721 yards, 7 TD, 4 INT; 89.4 passer rating

Luckman is probably the most underrated quarterback in the history of the NFL. Besides turning in the greatest regular season by a quarterback in NFL history, he is one of the more effective quarterbacks in postseason history.

4. Tom Brady, New England Patriots
Career postseason record: 14-3
Career postseason statistics: 372-595, 3954 yards, 26 TD, 12 INT; 88.0 passer rating

Brady could retire one day as the greatest postseason quarterback in history. It's unlikely, but it's possible. As of now, he has three Super Bowl trophies under his belt, as well as a fourth appearance. He won the MVP trophy in his first two Super Bowls and should have won it against the Philadelphia Eagles.

3. Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh Steelers
Career postseason record: 14-5
Career postseason statistics: 261-456, 3833 yards, 30 TD, 26 INT; 83.0 passer rating

2. Bart Starr, Green Bay Packers
Career postseason record: 8-1
Career postseason statistics: 130-213, 1753 yards, 15 TD, 3 INT; 104.8 passer rating

Simply put, Bart Starr is the winningest quarterback in NFL playoff history, in terms of both postseason winning percentage and championships won.

1. Joe Montana, San Francisco 49ers & Kansas City Chiefs
Career postseason record: 16-7
Career postseason statistics: 460-734, 5772 yards, 45 TD, 21 INT; 95.6 passer rating

Joe Montana is the greatest postseason quarterback in the history of the National Football League. Montana holds a 4-0 record in the Super Bowl. All four times he posted a triple-digit passer rating. His 11 touchdowns are a Super Bowl record and his zero interceptions in 122 pass attempts are a testament to his greatness.