Miguel Cotto Defeated Manny Pacquiao?

Nah, it's plainly rumor. It's not true that Miguel Cotto defeated Manny Pacquiao because obviously, the fight is not over yet!!! The boxing match between the two fighters will be held on November this year, so the only time we will find out who will be the Cotto-Pacquaio winner is a minute after the round it is over.

So, to those who think Cotto already defeated Pacman, spare off. Wait for the fight before you can say the result. Just give your predictions, yeah, it's acceptable, but never the result.

Anyway, anyone thinks here Miguel Cotto will defeat the world pound-for-pound champ? Or will Manny defeat him the other way around before his so called retirement - and put Cotto on his list where Ricky Hatton and Oscar dela Hoya are?

Your predictions here...