Mayweather Jr vs Marquez Fight Winner

On September 19, a lot of boxing aficionados tuned in front of their television to witness the most anticipated boxing event this month. Tagged as "Number One/Numero Uno", the Mayweather vs Marquez was a tough fight. The match lasted for 12 rounds and Floyd Mayweather Jr wins against Juan Manuel Marquez via unanimous decision.

I actually placed my bet to Floyd, and I guessed it right. The question is, what next? Will the Pacquiao vs Mayweather push forward? It will be a fight between the two great, if it does. A fight between the former and current pound for pound champ.

But, before that much awaited fight, this Novemeber, we should not forget the Cotto vs Pacquiao. So, if you have time next next month, check it out and witness another great match.

Mayweather Jr vs Marquez