The Latest Source Of Computer Viruses

Just like technology, a computer virus also evolving fast - from simple to a more complicated bug. In this case, do you know the latest source of computer viruses nowadays? Okay, most of us are familiar that viruses usually came from downloading files, videos, audios, and images from an unknown source or opening suspicious email attachments. But don't you know that your new electronic gadget attached on your computer might be the source of a computer virus?

According to CNN report, consumers run the risk of picking up a digital infection just by plugging a new gadget into their computers. Wow, can you imagine that? Just by simply attaching a new gadget in your computer, it will get infected. Based from the report, Chinese factories, where many companies have turned to keep prices low, are mostly the source. You can read the full details of the story by visiting the said website.

Sometimes, I wonder why some people develop virus. Does this action make them happy? Or is it because they only want to play evil?

So before you attach a new electronic gadget on your desktop or laptop, update your anti-virus software and run a full system scan first. This way, you will get alerted if a computer virus is trying to hack your computer and steal your critical information. Better prepared than sorry later ;D