Look What You Can Do With Photo Editing

Photo editing is widely used nowadays. A lot of tools are available to edit images like Photoshop. With Photoshop, you can modify your picture and make your face prettier - you can even swap you face to a sexy body and make it as your own body. Cool right? I use Photoshop to edit some of my photos like removing some smears or changing the background. In short, anyone can do lot of things with photo editing tools. I haven't mastered Photoshop yet but I want to be a pro with it. Right now, I only know the basics of using the said tool.

Speaking of photo editing, just recently, I saw these photos in some of the websites I've visited. The real score is to tell which among of these photos is fake - or should I say edited. Let's see...

Biggest Lobster
The World's Biggest Lobster
Biggest Cat
The World's Biggest Cat
Biggest Catfish
The World's Biggest Catfish

Looks like they are all fake to me. But if I have to choose only one, I would go for the world's biggest cat because it seems edited. The old man looks like he is not actually holding a BIG cat.