Is Xpango Scam or Genuine?

Many people in the blogosphere nagged that Xpango is scam, while there are still some who claimed it is genuine. Is Xpango really a scam or legit?

First, what is Xpango? Xpango is another new freebie website based in the UK where you can receive great prices like the latest mobile phones, gaming consoles, and MP3 players. Registration is free and open to international members.

To win a price you have to gain points, and to gain points you have to complete offers and refer other members to join and do some offers too. Gaining credits on Xpango is kinda hard, as people you refer need to participate on the website and also complete offers too. The more you refer and the most offers they complete, you more credits you will gain. Most of the offers are also available to members residing in the US or UK, yet still some offers are available worldwide. If you reside in US or UK then probably you get more chance of completing more offers.

Xpango Scam
Is Xpango genuine or scam? Many people claimed it is scam but there are still some who said it is legit. They are the people who actually received their prices. If most people receive their freebies, then I guess there is no point to claim it is scam. Scam websites are those who never paid or given prices to their members. If some people did receive theirs, then it is legit. I think you have to read the FAQs again to check what might be the issue why you never received your price ;D