PSP Firmware Hack Download

PSP Firmware Hack DownloadIs there an available PSP Firmware hack download? This question triggered me just recently. Looks like everyone, especially some bloggers, is addicted with the features of a Playstation portable, officially abbreviated as PSP. That's why, they are looking for downloadable PSP firmware hack too.

Honestly, I don't have this gadget yet, but I am planning to have my own after receiving my Google Adsense earnings from this Blogger blog. Too bad, I haven't received my PIN yet... and my Paypal account is not yet activated because I still have no credit card. A lot of bloggers are making money online and I am very excited to be like them ;0 Aside from buying my own PSP, I am also planning to buy an Ipod and a new printer, probably HP or a Lexmark brand.

Back to the firmware hack download, I get really interested to find out some web sites available that offer this services. I am also checking out if there are sites providing free downloadable PSP games. I am still in the process of searching right now, and in case you can share some sites I can visit, please leave me a comment. Thank you in advance. I would really appreciate if you will also share any PSP hacks, adapters for java console games, firmware extenders, custom firmwares, and even PSP emulators. Thanks again and see you ;0