What's The Best Anti-virus Software

Anti-virus softwareWhat's the best anti-virus software to download? I am sure every computer and Internet users have this question in mind. Almost every day, a new threat or computer virus is being developed by online hackers. Thus, as Internet browsers, our computers, especially our critical data, should be protected by the best and most reputable anti-virus software.

There are a lot of free anti-virus software that can be downloaded online, but are we sure they are secure? Without us knowing, some of the anti-virus protection we download from untrusted sources may cause corruption - or worst, lose and theft - to our computer data. So before we download and install something, it is recommended that we should know what to install and where to get it.

I did some research on the best anti-virus software available for use. I am sure all of us loves free stuffs so I included only the free anti-virus programs. Here are your choices of anti-virus for protecting your home computer against deadly computer viruses. These are the top three based on the anti-virus reviews by some computer users.

1. Avast Home Edition - a popular free anti-virus program which is ideal choice for home computers. It offers free virus protection, an intuitive interface, and regular updates. This is a solid and well-respected program to keep your computer virus-free. But again, Avast Home Edition only offers anti-virus protection, unless you pay for the Avast Professional version.

2. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition - one of the most often recommend freeware anti-virus packages. The trial version of AVG is an excellent virus protection program, but it lacks the anti-spam, anti-spyware or firewall features, unless you upgrade to a Pro.

3. NOD32 for Windows - another popular and powerful home virus program that scans for viruses in the background while you work on your computer. This one quietly scans Internet traffic, e-mail, and any floppy disks you use, keeping viruses and worms away from your system.

Remember, always update your anti-virus and anti-spyware software and utilize a full system scan as often as possible to keep your computer free from computer viruses, spyware, pop-upsm malware, and any other threats.