Send Text Message From Computer To Cellphone

Send Text Messages FreeThe Internet is a very powerful tool as anyone can almost do anything with it. No wonder a lot of people, including me, are addicted browsing online where some even spend most of their time in front of their computers. But don't you know that aside from all the features you can do with on the net, you can also send text messages from your computer to a cellphone of any network?

This might not be new to most Internet surfers, but I bet there are still some, probably newbies, who are unaware of it. In case you are interested on how to send send text messages from computer to a cellphone, then resume reading below.

Aside from sending text messages, I heard that it is also possible to send ringtone through text messages from a PC and send a text message to a landline phone. Someone even asked me how to send a text message via email (Is this possible?). I haven't made a research yet about these three capabilities so I am only concentrating on sending text messages from a PC with Internet connection to a mobile phone.

The process is simple. You need a website that provide such service, register (usually for free), then viola, you can send text messages to any mobile phone of your choice. There are actually a lot of web sites offering services where anyone can send a text message to a cell phone. I have provided 5 websites where you can possibly send a text message online. Check them out below:

1. (my favorite!)
3. Wadja

Remember, registration is for free... just sign-up and you're ready to send text message online from your computer to a mobile phone.