Summer Jobs 2008

Summer Jobs 2008In the Philippines, the months of April and May means three things - summer season, graduation, and vacation. I am sure most of the college and high school students are enjoying while having their summer vacation.

Meanwhile, I bet there are some who took summer courses or summer jobs to generate extra income. Speaking of making extra money this summer, there are actually a lot of ways to do so... and blogging is one way. But I am not recommending blogging since this niche is not easy. It takes a lot of patience and time before you can actually make money with a blog.

Going back to summer jobs, there are actually a lot of companies and establishments that offer summer jobs for teenagers, summer jobs for college students, summer jobs for teachers, and even summer jobs abroad. But don't you know that you can create your own summer job without working for other people or company? With a little money, some hard work, and a lot of entrepreneurial spirit, you can start turning a profit immediately.

Here are some summer job ideas to make some quick cash this season and be your own boss.

1. Go where it's hot, and help people keep cool. There are plenty of public places that don't have snack bars, and even the convenience store's just not convenient enough. Bottled water, sports drinks, visors, cheap sunglasses, and battery-powered fans will sell anywhere there's sun. Try parks, the beach, baseball practice field, or even a busy street corner near popular summer destinations.

2. House sitting and pet sitting. Summer is family vacation time, and someone has to watch the pets and take the mail and newspaper in when everybody leaves for a week or two. If you can target your marketing to families, that will be most effective.

3. Mobile car detailing. People love convenience, and the idea of having your car cleaned while it's already sitting there at their home or office sure beats the heck out of taking it someplace and having to wait on it. Luxury car owners may be reluctant to use machine washes, and especially owners of high-top vans and pick-up trucks may not even be able to.

4. Summer nanny / babysitter. For working parents of school-age kids, summer presents a real challenge. Summer camp may take care of a few weeks, a family trip another week or two, but then what about the rest of the summer? Find two or three families, or one with several kids, and take care of the kids during the day.

5. Tutoring and teaching. Opportunities abound for the entrepreneurially-minded person with knowledge to share. Some kids need help catching up on one or two subjects, homeschoolers usually school year 'round, and many parents put their kids in summer classes on a fun topic like science, drama, or creative writing. You can tutor individual kids, or put together a group workshop or week-long class.