Watch Michael Phepls Videos - Swimming 2008 Olympics

Watch Michael Phepls Videos 2008 Beijing OlympicsMichael Phelps is the talk of the town - in the Internet, at home, newspapers, television, etc. A lot of people are looking forward to watch his swimming schedules at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Who won't love him?

Overall, Michael has won 13 Olympic medals - 11 golds and 2 bronze. Eight of them are from the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics and five of them are from the current 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing - all are gold! His target for this year is to win at least 8 golds to surpass Mark Spitz's world record. Will he able to do it? Well, since it is still the first week of the Olympics, no one can predict, ayt?

Watch the video of Michael Phelps below as he break another 400 Meter Swim Record Michael.

Phelps 400m Medley Swimming video 2008

More video clips will be posted later. To get updates on the 2008 Olympics Medal Count, just check the sidebar of this page. To watch Michael Phelps online for free, check your options here Watch Olympics 2008 Live Online Free. Lastly, if you want to know the TV schedule of all the swimming sessions of Michael Phelps, see Olympics 2008 TV Broadcast.